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Stay in our riverside accommodation and fish our fishing swims.

Angler's Mail fishing exhibition feature, it was Great to be part of there high lights!

 Go Ebro!

Angler's Mail section editor Ben Hervey-Murray headed to Spain and experienced, some of the best river fishing in Europe on the under-fished Lower Ebro.     Click Here or below to enlarge.

Anglers Mail's editor Richard Howard's long weeked trip in October

Fish which pull back!  These Channel cats are quick to move in on your pellets I’ve been itching to get out on my local tidal river piking over the past few weeks but it’s been up and coloured with the rain we’ve had in the South East – not good for pike. I wish I lived closer to the R.Wye as it certainly looks like it’s been doing a few.

Since my last Blog, we’ve had all sorts of weather in the South East, it snowed whilst I was on the north Kent coast two weeks ago during an Arctic chill, then last week my local November 5 Bonfire display, was flooded off. There’s a realistic chance of hooking a good Wels catfish   In stark contrast a month back I had three days on the lower Ebro, Spain, about 40 km from the mouth and a couple of hours from Barcelona. And the temperature was hovering around 30 degrees! I hadn’t realized how easy it was to hop on a 2 hr 20 min flight with Ryanair with just hand luggage, with a 1 hr plus transfer courtesy of Ebro Sporting Adventures ( and be fishing their 2 km private stretch of river where you can properly get your string pulled – you’re just not sure what’s going to come a long next. And you can night fish it, which you can’t necessarily do upstream.

You don’t even have to bring your tackle with you as 3 lb rods, Baitrunners, Delkim alarms and a pod are supplied, complete with all the pellets you need. Or heavier gear if you want it.

Now this is the opposite end of the river to the fat cats you’ve seen in a lot of videos and articles, but they are present in the  Tortosa stretch I fished, they’re just a more natural length – two or three foot longer if they’re approaching 200 lb.

There’s a lot of carp present to upper-50s, 20s and 30s are common, but there are also Channel cats, chub, roach, perch, dace, black bass, large mouth bass, seabass, mullet and more.

Flick out a pellet on a running rig and the chances are it’ll rattle off, there’s just an outside chance it might not stop before it spools you, but that’s the fun of it in my book!

Regulars try and fish through and feed off the Channel cats but they do pull your string on light gear, a ‘double’ is big, but a 20 lb specimen is huge and they’re one of those fish that seem as hard as nails. Just watch out for the spines!

For some fun fishing, that’s a short hop away, I’d recommend it. 

And our Total Carp feature, click on the photo to enlarge.